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RS100 (11S)

Power Flange Technology
RS100 is a performance driven development with BARTIME innovative design, the maximum flange technology, which was designed for optimal dishing which is the balance point between wheel triangulation, spoke tension and lateral stiffness. RS100 provides the best mix of responsiveness and reliability to wheels. Available in black and white finish. (*All 11-speed cassette is compatible to 10-speed)

Item Number RS100 (11S)
Catagery Road rear hub
Weight 250g
Center to L/R Flange 35.5mm / 16.3mm
Flange PCD Diameter L/R 37mm / 90mm
Bearing numbers 5 bearing inside
Spline Shimano 9/10/11, SRAM 9/10, Campagnolo 9/10/11
Drilling 18/20/24/28
Spacing 131mm / 5mm
Spoke hold size 2.5mm
Packaging QR, spacer, user manual
Color available Black
Remark Assembly please see user manual
User manual Download


Enlarged Driven Side Flange

Enlarged Driven Side Flange

Purpose : to improve wheelset stiffness and optimize driven effectiveness.

How it works : to improve wheelset stiffness and optimize driven effectiveness How it works: PowerFlange rear hub maximized the diameter of driven side flange (*refer to left side Fig) in order to increase the spoke tension to non-driven side. (Horizontally balanced with driven side). The featured shape provides better spoke tension to wheelset and delivers excellent ergonomic comfort during cycling . It also provides better stiffness of wheelset and better fatigue-resistance of the non-driven spokes.

Feature-4:Reinforce bars®

Anti-bite Guard®

Purpose : To make the hub cassette surface more durable during heavy cycling.

How it works : Per experience, the traditional hub cassette surface is easily cut by derailleur blade (1.6mm thin) under heavy riding force (especially during racing or mountain biking). BARTIME designs "three reinforced bars" screwed onto cassette (*please refer to left side Fig.) to add hardness on the cassette surface. The 3x "Reinforced bar" are made of steel, fastened by 2x M2 screws, to prevent from blade cutting and to extend cassette lifetime.

Pre-pressing Ring®

Pre-pressing Ring

Purpose : To prevent bearing from deformed or dislocation by repeating cycling.

How it works : The "Pre-pressing Ring" is mechanically tight surrounds the hub body (*please refer to left side Fig.) and goaled to protect hub inner bearing from deformed or dislocation. With pre-pressing ring pressed on, the inner bearing is enable to accept severe driven force without deformed. This pre-pressing ring concept provides more support and good constraint to the inner bearing.

Synchronal Ring® mechanism

Synchronal Ring mechanism

Purpose : to enhance rear hub driven effectiveness and extend hub lifetime.

How it works : when the hub axle rotates, the "Synchronal Ring" pushes all the three pawls gear with " ratchet teeth" simultaneously, providing best driven force as well avoiding damage to ratchet teeth result from single contact point.